Vince Letto, like the rest of the Letto brothers, grew up running around the printing company. He recalls being 9 years old and folding projects to help the family business. But unlike his brothers, Vince had the chance to move out of the preprinting department in high school and spent his four years of high school working part-time as a feeder for a four color press. “You work like a dog there,” Vince recalls, “but I learned so much about hard work and the business.”

Never one to shy away from hard work, Vince brings his determination and love for Paulson with him to his role in sales and estimating. He stands proudly behind the Paulson experience and wants for clients to be able to see it for themselves. Vince also knows the importance of strong company leadership, which is no small task when the management team is made up of brothers who sometimes have a difference of opinion. But Vince takes the differences in stride, reminding one another that they are all family and want the best for the business, and for the clients.


Negotiating client contracts and a family business is hard work. Thankfully, Vince is well versed in leading and guiding, thanks in part to his role as Dad and as hockey coach for his son’s teams. Proud Dad to three kids, Vince is happy to brag about everything from college dreams to soccer and hockey games.

Putting your business in Vince’s hands is a major decision, and one that Vince will take seriously. Vince handles his clients like he does his family: carefully, and with a mix of humor and discernment.

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