Tony Letto knows that his role goes beyond simply selling a product to customers. Instead, Tony proudly stands behind the work and experience that Paulson Press provides to clients, and comes alongside clients to introduce them to the possibilities with Paulson.

Tony offers a unique perspective to the printing process, as he started hands on in the production side of things during the summers of high school. Tony knew that he truly loved printing and the process from his teenage years and committed to learning as much as he could, as quickly as he could. After high school, Tony found his passion working with film, making plates and making proofs for customers. He excelled working with the pre-printing process, though noticed that a change was coming as computers started leading the way in the industry. Film and camera work were soon archaic, replaced with PDFs and JPG files.


Tony saw the technology shift as the opportunity to jump into sales. After all, he knew what a great product Paulson Press could provide; he had been a part of making customers happy and knew he could make more customers successful as well. For the past twenty years, Tony has sold Paulson Press services to clients new and old. He loves the challenge that comes with sales, uncovering client goals and finding ways to use print to achieve them.

Tony values relationships in the office and outside of it. He loves that his business allows him to see his family daily in the office. A true family guy, Tony is most at home being a husband and Dad, traveling with his family and sitting in the stands cheering on his kids at their sports games.

Some of Tony’s customers have been with Paulson for more than twenty years, and that isn’t by accident; Tony works hard to maintain and nurture those relationships and looks forward to making new ones as well.

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