Ben Letto knows the printing business inside and out. His career has brought him from scrubbing darkroom sinks to making plates, perfecting artwork to selling printing services that his family can be proud of. One thing is certain: he is a dedicated leader with real hands on experience that his staff respects.

Ben grew up in Chicago, watching his parents work hard in factory jobs in the city. Only a few months after his high school graduation, Ben left his loving family to begin his training in the Navy. Now, Ben can look back at those 6 years in the Navy as ones that matured him and gave him focus. “I came back a better man because of the Navy,” Ben recalls. “I was more focused and ready to start my life than the other neighborhood kids.”


And so beginning his life post-service is what Ben did. He married and began looking for work. Ben certainly wasn’t afraid of hard work; he was raised with hardworking parent role models and the Navy further impressed the importance of dedication. Within months of returning from the Navy, Ben began work in a local print shop.

He started at the bottom, scrubbing sinks and mixing chemicals, and you can hear that Ben is proud of that humble start. It taught him the basics of printing and as he continued to work and learn, he received more responsibilities. Soon he was making plates, working with layouts and artwork. By the time Ben and his brother started their own company, Paulson Press, Ben knew every step in the printing process – and he could do them all too.

Now, Ben continues to love his job. His passion for printing, customer relationships, and mentoring staff shows off in everything he does. Ben knows that the bedrock of his success is his staff, and leads by example to gain the respect of his team every day.

From humble beginnings, Ben has taken Paulson Press to become one of the premier printing companies in the Chicagoland area. While he can take much of the credit for that success, he often gives credit to his parents and to his current team. That’s the kind of guy he is.

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